Wednesday, October 08, 2014

October: Bass Festival

As I have mentioned a few times before, we are moving to Texas (TX) in June 2015! This, for me, is a wonderful thing as I will be closer to family and will get to visit with them more often! On the opposite side of the coin, we are a little sentimental about all of the things we are doing for the “last time”, this year. October is a pretty big one…(which I will cover more extensively in my “50 Things I am Going to Miss About California” countdown).

For the past 12 years we have attended a local event called “Bass Derby” or “Bass Festival”. It is always in October and, for us, includes venders, a car show, a soap box derby, fire engine rides, carnival rides, and fireworks. For fishermen, it involves the adult and kids Bass fishing derby. Each of our kiddos loves Bass Festival and the younger ones cannot remember a time when we did not go. We have even talked about making the trip back to California (CA), each year, for this event. Yep, we find it that much fun!

Anyway, with autumn comes this fair, and pumpkin patches, harvest festivities, and soon trips to the snow. Hopefully, we will find something similar to these in TX or perhaps the state will have all new fun stuff for us to do! One other thing I would like to do before we leave CA sprang to mind, yesterday. I would love to attend John MacArthur’s church and catch one of his messages, in person. I already got to see John Piper a few years ago, at one of his conventions. So, John MacArthur is next on my list. Then, there is a “cowboy church” in Colorado I would like to visit, too. Church home of “The Worst Preacher’s Wife Ever”. Yes ma’am, Ms. Christie, I am still planning to head your way first chance I get!

It's autumn. In fact, it's early autumn. It's October. It's Feast of Tabernacles week when He goes. The harvest operations are all over. The people can take a week off. The tints of gold have just begun to streak the leaves and Jesus moves to Jerusalem. Strangers are there, countrymen from Judea, strangers from Peraea, Galilee, other places mingling in the streets of Jerusalem at the feast time. And they are mingling in the ever-present shadow of the great sanctuary, the temple. Its glorious marble, its cedar wood, its gold, it sits up there high on Mount Moriah and casts its shadow over the whole of Jerusalem, and its shadow is all the more indelible because the Feast of Tabernacles concentrates on it in particular.

And Jesus is also there and He walks in Jerusalem, not so much under the shadow of the temple as under the shadow of a wooden rugged cross soon to be erected high on a different hill, Mount Calvary. And starting with John chapter 7, Jesus begins to walk in the relentless lurking shadow of the cross. He has come to Jerusalem because it is time to come to Jerusalem. He does everything when it is time to do it. He delayed because His time was not yet come. His time has come and thus He has arrived in Jerusalem. He comes to Jerusalem knowing He will die. He comes to Jerusalem knowing He will be hated and persecuted. But He comes anyway because He had to present His truth, and secondly, His death will mean redemption. And so He comes. And from now on, from chapter 7 to the end of this gospel, we are in the shadow of the cross.
(By John MacArthur. ©2014 Grace to You. Website:
33Therefore Jesus said, "For a little while longer I am with you, then I go to Him who sent Me. 34You will seek Me, and will not find Me; and where I am, you cannot come." (John 7:33-34. NASB.)
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