Monday, January 12, 2015

Yet Another 15 Things You Might Not know About Me

I have done this a couple times before (here and here) but figure it has been years since the last one so why not add onto the existing lists?

1. I am ambidextrous. I generally write with my right hand but I do all my heavy lifting with my left. If I do not want someone to recognize my handwriting I use my left. And, there are quite a few things I prefer doing with my left and others with my right…it just depends on the task at hand. (Pun intended.)

2. We adopt pets. To date we have taken in four dogs, one kitten, and three bearded dragons. (We do not always keep them but do try to find them a good home.) The only pet we bought was a pug in 2001. We still have him.

3. I am very much allergic to cats. I get severe sinus headaches if I am around them for too long and hives if I pet them. For a very short period of time (months) I allowed one of our kiddos to keep two cats in her room before she was able to establish her own household. The one adopted kitten we took on (mentioned above) was immediately given to someone else. (I just delivered her…in her pet carrier).

4. I am associated with a number of states in the United States (U.S.). I currently live in California (CA), we’re moving to Texas (TX) in five months, most of the people who know me, personally, live in Florida (FL), Virginia (VA), Delaware (DE), Pennsylvania (PA), and New York (NY) which I visit from time to time. I am currently enrolled in a university in Kansas (KS).

5. My favorite brand is Coca-Cola.

6. My favorite color is red.

7. My favorite type of music is “Christ centered”.

8. My favorite type of book is non-fiction. (Aside from the bible, I especially like biographies and true crime novels.)

9. My favorite type of television show is murder mystery (like “Sherlock”).

10. When it comes to wine, I prefer a full bodied red like a Pinot Noir, Merlot, or Cabernet. I favor Pinot Noir and the one I will not drink is a Shiraz.

11. I am actually shy by nature. I get anxiety a lot of times when I talk to people. Sometimes, I feel I come across as rude because of this. But, I generally push myself beyond my comfort zone.

12. I absolutely do NOT like confrontations. I get severe anxiety in these situations if/when they arise. I prefer “keeping the peace”.

13. I am very excited about studying psychology spring semester 2015. I find it extremely intriguing.

14. I seriously considered getting a degree in forensic science so I could work as a technician regarding crime scenes. However, I much prefer trying to intervene before an unpleasant crime is committed rather than address it “after the fact”. So, I am pursuing my love for the law and a law degree.

15. I want to be an attorney for children in dependency court.

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