Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Let the Peace of Christ Rule in Your Heart

As a bit of light, summer reading, I have started He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Ticcillo. It is my understanding it is quite different than the movie. I, personally, have not seen the film so I cannot compare the two.

I can say, this book is not from a biblical background. Yet, it offers one man's insight, and twenty or so other men via polls, regarding relationships and answers to questions posed by women looking for their "Mr. Right". As someone who has failed in many relationships, I find the book to be interesting...and humorous.

It is intriguing in it debunks the many "excuses" men use when they are just not that into a relationship. For example, I do not know how many times I have heard, "Sorry, I don't have time to call you. I am just too busy." According to Greg Behrendt, "busy" is code for a jerk. And, a man who is truly into a woman will see her as a ray of sunlight, a breath of fresh air during his busy day and desire to talk to her.

Switching gears a bit, I get so agitated when people make blanket statements about relationships and/or marriage. For example, I just came across the following quote, "Relationships shatter when when we value perfection over people." Really? I would think "relationships shatter" when one repeatedly, and without remorse, hurts the other. Yes, we are called to forgive but also to be wise. When David found out Saul meant him harm, David did not stick around! He fled for safety. And, God delivered Saul right into the hands of David, twice! David forgave Saul but their relationship was temporarily "shattered" because of what Saul did, not because David "valued perfection over people"! It makes me physically sick!

Abigail's husband was a "badly behaved" man. She went against his wishes and served David's men. The Lord blessed her even though she was "disobedient" to her husband by doing the right thing. I wonder, if there were witnesses or gossipers, how many shook their head and said to themselves, and others, "That Abigail is being unbiblical. She is not respecting her husband's wishes. She is not submitting." Yet, her husband was a "badly behaved" man and died from a heart attack due to his anger and fits of rage. God knew the truth and that is what mattered.

Now, I will admit Hosea's situation was different. His wife was adulterous and a prostitute. God specifically instructed Hosea to love his wife again as God loved the Israelites even though they had other gods (Hosea 3.1). So, it seems to me forgiveness is a constant but sticking around and being considered "unbiblical" or "disobedient" is on a case by case basis. God calls each of us to different lives. No two are the same.

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