Thursday, September 17, 2015

Home Decorating Never Looked So me

I am not going to lie, I am terrible when it comes to home decorating. I can hear a piece of music and choreograph a dance production in my mind but I cannot envision a living room with furniture, rugs, and wall hangings that looks lovely. If someone placed me in an empty room and said, “Here is your canvas, have at it!” The results would be disastrous! There would be no theme, no rhyme or reason to anything other than the fact, I liked it. For eleven years we owned a house and the only thing I ever did to decorate it was have it repainted, once. That in itself was a project I started and then had to have a professional come in and finish it…or rather redo it.

However, while studying marketing, I came across a home décor site that looks promising for me! It is called and has some great ideas I can copy for my home! My favorite items, currently, are the Hall Trees. I had never heard of this website before but it has my attention, now, especially since we just moved a few months ago and we would like to replace some of the furniture we have had for a long time. Below are just a few examples. There are a multitude of ideas on the site.

Mudroom by
Hendel Homes

Doggie Foyer 2 by

Peggy Carman at Trend Interiors by
Trend Interiors

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