Thursday, November 12, 2015

Introduction: Additional New Contributor

I promised to introduce you to the, hopefully, new contributor to this blog.

She has such a beautiful love for God and her family. And, her encouraging words of wisdom and experience are sure to inspire you! I have had the pleasure of spending a little over a week with her, recently, and the conversation and fellowship was amazing!

As we speak, she is preparing to embark on an awesome adventure of traveling around the United States. She feels God calling her and this is just the first step in the direction of where He is leading.

I am not quite sure what she will write, here. But, I can tell you, it will be incredible, supportive, and uplifting! I am very excited for her to get started but I know she is quite busy, at the moment, starting her new trip and season of her life.

But, I did want to introduce her to you!

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