Thursday, January 14, 2016

Charles is Taken From Jane

Short Narrative
Movie Fanfiction

His heart felt as though it was going to burst inside his chest as he looked out the window of the carriage. He felt sick with a heavy heart and the color drained from his face. Tears of regret stung his eyes and threatened to flow. How could he leave? Why was he listening to his friend and sister? So what if they did not agree with his decision. He wanted her by his side that day and every day thereafter. A flicker of anger sparked deep within him. Why were his wishes being overruled? Why did his pleas fall on deaf ears? He did not know her very well and neither did they. So why were their opinions greater than his?

He watched as the scenery went by and changed before his eyes. When he closed them all he could see was her face. The slight upturn of her nose. The way her fine hair gently touched her face in wispy strands that had escaped her bun. Her lips, a delicate light pink and slightly plump. He smiled as he thought of the way she bit her lip when she concentrated on something. The light flutter of her eyelashes which accented her crystal blue eyes. He could not get her out of his mind. How was he going to pass the time without her, without the chance of seeing her? Charles looked at his sister Caroline. A victorious smirk crawled across her face and threatened to break into a smile of satisfaction.

Each passing minute felt like an hour as he tried to convince himself he did not have to see her. Absence would only make their feelings for each other stronger, he told himself. Certainly he was on her mind as well! He had to be! How could she have any doubts of his desire for her? Each bump the carriage hit in the road was felt deep in his gut. His head was beginning to ache. But it could never hurt as excruciatingly as his heart. Tomorrow he would wake in a new place and it would be the start of a life without her! His stomach churned with worry. His heart pumped the blood through his veins quicker and harder. Maybe he could break away from his friend and sister and make his way back to her. In his thoughts her flowing dress danced about in the breeze as though trying to escape her. He recalled the softness of the ribbon he had dared to touch when no one was looking. It slithered through his fingers. His face became hot and flushed with color as this memory lingered. Oh how he wanted to dance with her again so he could feel her hand in his.

Now that he knew her, how could he ever remove her from his mind? She would haunt his dreams day and night. His unspoken hope was that he would consume hers, as well.

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