Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hello, My Name is... Blog hop/ Comment Day

You know those bumper stickers that ask the question, "How am I driving?" and then give you a 1-800-Call-Now number so you can comment on their skills and their manners? That is exactly what the COMMENT section is for on a blog. It is the reader's opportunity to connect with the author, and it is very important to us. Speaking for myself, I want to know how I'm doing. I want to know which posts connect with your spirit, your soul or your funny bone. Every comment is meaningful and brings a smile to my face- in fact I consider each one to be a gift. Getting a comment is like opening a Christmas present- full of joy and excitement! And I think this is true for most bloggers. Yet this blog is visited by an average of around 275 people a day, and the comments are often few and far between. I know of others who get far more visits and even fewer comments. And that is why I dreamed up Comment Day. It is a day to be intentional about leaving comments- not just here, but on every blog you read today. Even if it just to say "thanks," I hope this day will inspire you to leave a note for the writers of the blogs you enjoy. (Carl Jones. I'd Laugh...But All This Happened To Me. "How Am I Doing?" 2011.
I echo Carl in that comments are a great way to interact with a blogger, etc. Sure, I can see how many people visit this blog, though not quite as many as Carl, but I too wonder when I do not receive any comments. Who is visiting? Are they people or programs? So, this, "Hello, My Name is..." blog hop/ comment day is a spin off from Carl's over at his blog. Please, make yourself comfortable. If you have some time to sit and relax, pour yourself a hot beverage and allow me to introduce you to some great bloggers!

Side Note: If any of these do not open in your current browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) please try opening it in a different one. Thanks!

Also, if you are not sure what to do: 1. Visit some blogs. 2. Leave a comment. 3. And, leave a comment on this post. See you later, gator!

1. The Kennedy Adventures
2. MacGregor Literary
3. Trevin Wax
4. Inside Martyn's Thoughts
5. Freelance Writing Jobs
6. Rachelle Gardner
7. FaithWorld

And, one worth mentioning although it does not allow comments. Please feel free to "share" it, though, instead of leaving a comment.

8. Our Daily Bread

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