Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sounds in the Night

Short Narrative

(I meant to post this yesterday.  Just a quick something that was stuck in my mind.)

Her eyes flew open. What was that sound? Heavily they kept closing but she tried to force them to stay open. She was being pulled back into the sleep from which she woke. She listened intently. Was someone in her house? She pulled the mass of covers aside and and quietly rolled out of the bed. Each step was ginger against the carpet until she reached the hallway. Her socks slid on the hard wood floor as she tip toed toward the family room. Despite her best efforts at staying silent, her knees kept randomly popping. Each took its own turn and was so loud it sounded more like twigs snapping under foot. "Ugh," she thought, "I would never be able to sneak up on anyone!"

She heard a noise in the office and paused to listen. What was it? Carefully, she moved toward the office. SNAP! It was as though the click of her left knee echoed throughout the house. She turned her head so her ear would face the direction in which she was walking. SNAP. Her right knee pierced the darkness with its seemingly deafening crack! She stopped in frustration. What the heck is my problem? Why can I not be stealthy?

The boisterous wind tossed trees about outside. The leaves rustled as branches bent and gave way. Dirt swirled around like a whirling dervish. Is that what had yanked her so forcefully from her slumber? Was it the sound of the wind her brain could not identify while playing a movie of dreams that had her in some alternate universe? Satisfied with this answer, she turned to return to her room. SNAP! She grumbled to herself as she moved with haste.
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