Friday, January 15, 2016

The Blog Hop Revisited

Last Saturday, was the first “Hello, my name is…” blog hop/ comment day. For me, it was a success in that I felt completely inspired as I visited other blogs! I am now eager to get to writing new material. I believe, in part, that is what a blog hop is all about…that and meeting new people. It is not only a great way to network but also a way to make lasting relationships.

Four of the bloggers, whose links I included, are individuals I know in person. #1, Carl, is my former youth pastor. #2, Teresa, is a fellow former youth member from FUMC where I grew up. #3, Kelley, is a fellow ballerina who I knew growing up. We attended the same dance studio. And, #6, Jason, and I went to the same high school and youth group for a time. All four of them are truly wonderful people! The three remaining bloggers, I met online and find their blogs enriching. #4, Ms. Donna, I met on Google Plus and bought one of her books. #5, Jason, I met on Twitter and though I have never caught up with him in person, Carl (#1) has and I am certain they had a great time! #7, Mizweatherby, I also met on Twitter and love interacting with her. She is hilarious! Which reminds me how much I miss Tweeting with these Tweeps. I hope I said that right! It sounded better in my mind.

Further, while I am at it, I might as well give my input about all things social networks…well, the ones I like, anyway. So, here is my Five Word Social Network Reviews:

1. Facebook: Is for people you know.
2. Twitter: For people you don’t know.
3. Instagram: Pictures are wonderful to see.
4. Google Plus: Because FB is a pain!
5. Youtube: Videos are hilarious to watch.
6. Linked In: Professional site for working adults.
7. Pintrest: Where creativity meets the everyday.

And, there you have it!

I hope you will join me each week for the “Hello, my name is…” blog hop/ comment day so I can continue to introduce you to some really interesting people! With such a vast world wide web, it is difficult to stumble upon all of the incredible individuals, stories, and nuggets of information there are at our fingertips!

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