Thursday, January 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Lost But Now Found

(Originally posted on 30 July 2006.)

As Saul was coming near the city of Damascus, suddenly a light from the sky flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, "Saul, Saul! Why do you persecute me?"

“Who are you, Lord," he asked.

“I am Jesus, whom you persecute," the voice said.

The men who were traveling with Saul had stopped, not saying a word; they heard the voice but could not see anyone. Soul got up from the ground and opened his eyes, but could not see a thing. So they took him by the hand and led him into Damascus. For three days he was not able to see, and during that time he did not eat or drink anything. There was a Christian in Damascus named Ananias who was asked by the Lord to go see Saul. So Ananias went, entered the house where Saul was, and placed his hands on him. "Brother Saul," he said, "the Lord has sent me – Jesus himself, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here. He sent me so that you might see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit."
(Acts 9:3-5, 7-10, 17 & 18.)

I feel, often times, it seems the people in the bible and their lives are so distant from our own and perhaps leaves us asking, “Does God still do things the same way today as He did then?”

How do you feel about the story above? How does your life relate to this story?

After Ananias explained to Saul why he was there, he placed his hands on Saul’s eyes and Saul was able to see. He went out immediately and began telling others that Jesus is the Son of God.
All who heard him were amazed and asked, "Isn’t he the one who in Jerusalem was killing those who worship that man Jesus? And didn’t he come here for the very purpose of arresting those people and taking them back to the chief priests?" But Saul’s preaching became even more powerful, and his proofs that Jesus was the Messiah were so convincing that the Jews who lived in Damascus could not answer him. (Acts9:21 & 22.)
Saul had a change of heart and because of his experience was an excellent voice for Christ.

Like Saul, our Father and Christ use things in our lives to get our attention and no one is beyond our Father’s reach. Saul persecuted Christians. He dragged them from their homes, arrested them, threatened to kill them, and tormented them. Yet, our Father called his son to come back and stand by his side…and Saul went.

I was involved in a rollover car accident that potentially could have killed me and someone else I love dearly. The paramedic on site stated he was amazed our vehicle held up as well as it did because it was in his experience that normally the roof of the vehicles crumble completely. It is because of my experience that I can tell you without a single shadow of doubt in my heart that our Father STILL does things today as he did them in biblical times. I was spared. My love one was spared. My Father loves us so much that despite a few cuts, bumps, and bruises, my love one and I walked away from that accident unharmed.

“Father," the son said, "I have sinned against God and against you. I am no longer fit to be called your son." But the father called to his servants. "Hurry!" he said. "Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet. Then go and get the prize calf and kill it, and let us celebrate with a feast! For this son of mine was dead, but now he is alive; he was lost, but now he has been found." And so the feast began. (Luke 15:21-24.)

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