Monday, February 08, 2016

Book Review: SNAKES

by Rachel Firth & Jonathan Sheikh-Miller
Designed by Cristina Adami, Nickey Butler, & Neil Francis
Illustrated by John Woodcock
Consultants: Chris Mattison & Kevin Buley
Published by Usborne Publishing

From the bright pattern of colors of the Milk snake, to copy those of the Coral snake (p. 23), to the trickery of the Grass snake "playing dead" (p. 25), this book is chock-full of intriguing information for the snake enthusiast or one simply looking to write a paper on the subject!

Usborne Discovery takes us into the desert, prairie, rain forest, burrows, sea, and along the banks of rivers and lakes to get a sneak peak of these creatures in their natural habitats. From their movements to eating habits, we get an up close and personal view thanks to the writers, artists, and photographers!

The photos and drawings vibrantly illustrate the text in a clean, non-cluttered layout. Fun facts also pepper the book with interesting trivia! For example, did you know: "The New York Zoological Society has offered a cash reward for anyone finding a reticulated python over 9.14m (30ft) long. So far, no one has claimed the reward." (p. 30). Further, an internet URL directs readers who would like to do further research, view more photos or watch videos, etc. to the Usborne quick links site where they will find website links on the topic.

Test your snake knowledge! Where are snakes most commonly found? Are snakes dangerous? What does it mean when a snake has cloudy eyes? Do all snakes look and behave the same? What is the largest type of snake? How are some cobras able to "spit" venom?

Don't forget to check out the "snake facts" in the back of the book, near the glossary! Happy reading!
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