Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Little Bit of Fiction

Character: Josephine Viola Effie Doyle

He reached out his hand to greet her, "Hello, Miss Doyle. I'm so glad you could make it."

"Mr. Dalton, the pleasure is all mine," she answered.

She tilted her head and gave him a warm smile. He felt his face become hot. He wanted to keep her hand in his but knew that would be inappropriate. As soon as he released it he instantly missed the softness of her skin.

"The Victorian society is grateful for your generous donation. The organization cannot continue to grow and prosper without dedicated members such as yourself. I wanted to come here, personally, to thank you."

He was captivated by her bright eyes. He could not help but wonder how they had never met before this moment? They both frequented the same club and moved in some of the same social circles. She stood perfectly straight, which gave the illusion of her being tall, yet she was actually rather short in stature. Her torso was compact and her legs long. Of course the four inch heels of her brown, knee high boots gave her an extra advantage.

"Would you like some tea?" asked Dalton. He barely heard his own words leave his lips. He never felt so strange in all his life. Perhaps he was coming down with something he told himself. He certainly could not feel this way because of Miss Doyle!

"Thank you, no. Forgive me but I must be off. I just wanted to stop by, quickly, to express my gratitude." She gave a polite nod and turned to exit.

Dalton studied the flow of her dress and how her collar gently touched her neck. "Miss Doyle!" he called. He noticed the curve of her lips and how her nose was slightly upturned. Suddenly, he realized he was staring and smiling like a fool.

"Yes, Mr. Dalton?" she inquired. "Is there something else you wish to discuss?"

He wondered if his face was flushed. He searched his mind for a proper question. Why had he called her name? He knew the answer. He did not want her to leave quite yet. He needed a reason to extend her visit. Frantically he tried to come up with something.

She smiled. "Did you forget what you wanted to say?"

He desperately wanted to know when she would be at the club next. He played with the notion of asking her out right. She probably thinks I am such a fool, he thought. "I - uh. Well - I." He took a deep breath. "Do you need transportation to your next appointment?"

"Oh. Thank you, no. My ride is waiting." Again she gave a polite nod and went on her way.
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